Hara at Home

Our lovely Hara at Home meals are back - just as before but with one rather important difference...

...now, instead of coming to the restaurant to pick up your meal, your Hara at Home box will be delivered right to your door - anywhere in Ireland!

Ordering is simple - just make your selection from the menu for the date required and follow the links.

a little more information...

Our 3 course menus are designed to serve two people and include a loaf of our pumpkin seed wheaten with Co Down butter, and a sweet treat to enjoy with an after-dinner coffee.

Your meal will be delivered to your door on your selected Friday by our third party courier. Specialist packaging is designed to keep your food chilled during this transit time-period and your meal will remain in perfect condition to be enjoyed on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday following delivery.

Please refrigerate your Hara at Home delivery as soon as possible and enjoy within 3 days of receipt.